Michael Katic

Founder and Head Software Engineer

Michael is the Founder and head of our Software Development.  He's kind and gentle with a magnificent beard. Michael continually works towards building a team we can all be proud of.

Wes Wilson

3D Artist / Modeler / Animator

Wes is one of our go-to 3D Artists on the team. From in-depth designs of model to rigs and animation, Wes is heavily relied upon to create amazing art and content for Tiny Phoenix. He brings on seven years of experience to the team and it shows in his work.

Ron Conley

Illustrator and Concept Artist

Ron Conley is our lead 2D artists and has many years in the industry. He has an amazing knack for design and is an inspirational guy to be around. Like many on our team, Ron isn’t afraid to leave his comfort zone and bring new ideas to the table. Take a look at his work; you'll see what we mean.

Liz Moore

2D / 3D Environment Artist

Liz is the glue of this team. She brings a great background of 2D and 3D modeling experience. She is always positive and dives head first into any project or task we give her with no hestiation on starting them. She constantly encourages us in team meetings and brings on unique ideas to the table. She is the reason Frank from Earth now has 3D modeling in the game. We can't wait to see what else she can do in the future!

Evan Quel

2D Illustrator and 3D Textur-er

Evan is a talented artist whose skills range from movie trivia to puns no one cares about. He likes long walks in a variety of terrains and needs another job, so feel free to pay him more than we do. Which, let's face it, shouldn't be too difficult.

Michael Buerger

Software Engineer Intern

Michael is a brilliant young man our founder met while teaching at a software engineering summer camp for Arizona State University. Michael is self-motivated like no one we've ever met. He's worked with Unity for 3+ years and has done numerous software projects for platforms of all kinds. We are giving him various projects and tasks to work on for his personal development so one day he can take this industry by storm. Remember his name!

Andrew Cooper

QA and Game Design

Andrew is a gamer with a passion for design and game mechanics. He's also naturally creative and not shy to throw out ideas. Andrew is new to the industry, so we like to throw minor projects his way to help improve his skills and us along the way. He is improving drastically as you can see with his self portrait he drew above!