Have you ever dreamed that you could be an arbitrary square flying through space and time on an abstract line collecting amazing gold coins, hitting blue coins for crazy streams of gold coins??? Now you can! Slide n' Ride with us! 

Single Player  |  Leaderboards  |  Unlimited Levels  |  Hyper Casual

We all know there are ALIENS at the super secret military test sites. You know, the super secure test sites where they also test state of the art weaponry! Well 2 aliens have busted their entrapment and are looking for revenge. To make matters worse it looks like they've gotten into the weapon stash and grabbed a pair of WEAPONIZED WALKIE TALKIES! No worries though! The guards have walkie talkies of their own, and... IT'S TIME TO OWN!

Co-op Multiplayer  |  Controller Support | Probably Broken

Cute little kitties HATE getting wet. Good thing you have a boogie board and your trusty BOOOOOM BOX! But wait! What's that!? Looks like your rival also has said equipment. Let's see if they know how to use it!

Rocket Balls is the next big thing in E-Sports. Step aside Rocket League! Rocket Balls is a pretty simple concept. Shoot your balls at other bigger white balls into your opposing teams floating square. Seems easy right? You be the judge of that one. Download our "Super Alpha" to give us some feedback! It's a game that will sky rocket off in the future!

This is just the beginning of a story of a pug outta luck. After being launched into space this dog-gone game takes our hero, Frank, on a perilous journey to get back home. Frank from Earth is a 4-player co-op procedurally generated bullet hell. Collect the bones and cat tags of fallen foes, unlock sweet hats, and collect enough cosmic shards for the trip home. 

Co-op Multiplayer  |  Unlimited Levels  |  Controller Support  |  Keyboard + Mouse Support