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About Us

We reside throughout the Phoenix area of sunny Arizona. There is no office yet, we’re just a rag tag team of game, art, and technology enthusiast doing our best to create our first title, Frank from Earth! While we do make games, our number one goal has always been to build the best team we can, games are just a means to accomplish that.

Our first development started around September 2015 and we’ve been running strong ever since. Every team member has a regular nine-to-five. We attribute our ability to function this long on a part time schedule to communication and transparency. We have an open information policy that makes all employee contracts public within the team. This is combined with an op-in profit share model that offers 20% of all project profits to go directly to employees. These things combined have allowed us to be 100% self-funded resulting in the creative freedom to choose what we make and how we make it. No ulterior motives, just fun games.