Frank from Earth: First Glimpse

el_bearduno's picture

Here it is! Finally doing it! Frank... from Earth? Our team has all been working hard on this title for longer than any of us want to admit. So we won’t.

Frank from Earth is our studios first game title. It's a isometric twin-stick shooter SLASH hack and slash. Our focus is on PC for playing with your friends in an infinite adventure mode; however, we're creating a story mode that you can make progress on and unlock new goodies from your phone. This mode won’t be exclusive to mobile.

We want the flow of the different platforms to work like this: 

  • Play story mode to unlock cool new stuff
  • Tell your friends about your cool new stuff
  • Use cool new stuff to slaughter kitties

That's right, kitties (or maybe robots). But don't worry, they are very not nice. And Frank, he’s a pug. He's found himself in a sticky situation and will need to find his way back home. 

Good dog, Frank.

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