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Launching Alpha Dog

It's here! Frank from Earth's Alpha is available to download right now! Our team hit the ground running after Comicon, working to add more polish and improvements to make the core gameplay as fun as possible. Currently, it's available on PC, but we're working to get Frank ready for mobile right now!

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Frank's First Peek

Hello everyone! A lot of you are getting your first Frank from Earth update! We cannot thank you enough for joining our tiny community.

This Memorial Day weekend, we introduced Frank from Earth at the Phoenix Comicon Convention and were overwhelmed with the interest, support, and positive feedback we received from children, young adults, and parents alike! This excitement is really motivating us to take FFE to the next level! Literally and metaphorically! (Seriously, we are working on new levels.)

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Gaming at Grandma's

Howdy freaking doo! It’s finally here! I know you’ve been waiting for it... Frank from Earth Mega Update! With a tiny team like ours we each have to wear multiple hats and sometimes I don’t want to take my programming hat off. It’s off now and my blogging hat is on. It has a spinning propeller to attract attention. Speaking of hats, we now have cats in hats! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This week the big updates have been to the core of Frank from Earth. We are preparing for a live demo at Comicon and last week we had our largest dry run. 

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Range of Motion tool in Maya

Hello everyone!  I'm Wesley Wilson with Tiny Phoenix and I want to talk a bit about a neat little tool I made for Maya using Python.  I call it the "Range of Motion" tool.  As for what it does, the name tells it all, really!  This tool makes a simple range of motion animation that allows quick feedback...

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Adding the UI Bits

Hello world! It’s been a little over a week and we once again have a TON of updates for Frank from Earth! Mike and the gang have been busting their asses to get FFE up and running for our Phoenix Comicon debut May 25th-28th. There’s a lot of great updates with new items, a new player UI and other important bits. Let’s get this started!

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The World of 3D and Our Spot at Phoenix Comicon

There's a lot of new content that we need to keep you updated on. It's a been a very busy few weeks for us with creating more artwork, 3D rebuilds, item pickups, and more! We also secured our spot at the Phoenix Comicon Convention happening May 25-28! We are extremely excited to have our own table there to promote our tiny, but growing gaming company. Make sure you stop by our booth to come say hey and check out our products and maybe play some Frank from Earth!

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Introducing Another Water Asset!

I noticed that there were only 1346 water assets on the Unity Asset Store. I thought, "You know what's better than 1346?"


Maybe that would make for a good name. I was thinking about going the Ron Swanson inspired path and naming it Very Good Water, but I think Water #1347 has a nice ring to it. 

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Jamly Time with the Team

Wow, what an experience a game jam really is! You hear people say it all the time. I've been hearing the same thing for a few years now and always shrugged it off. Now that I've got 2 game jams under my belt it's time for me to pass the lesson on to you. DO A GAME JAM!! Seriously, you will be happy you did. If you are nervous or scared you should be, a little. It's going to test your endurance and ability to plan and execute like nothing else. But everything that is hard about game jams also builds those areas that are so scary to face.

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2017 Phoenix Global Game Jam: A Story by Liz

Hello, dearly beloved!  My name is Liz, and last weekend Mike and I teamed up and participated in our local Phoenix chapter of the Global Game Jam. It was Mike’s first time at the Global Game Jam, and my first time attending a Game Jam of any kind.

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Creating Internal Tools with In Scene Inspector

Hi Game Devers, Today I'm here to demo one of the many uses of our In Scene Inspector. For those that don't know, In Scene Inspector is a generic Unity development tool that gives you all the main features of the built-in Unity Inspector.