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Creating Internal Tools with In Scene Inspector

Hi Game Devers, Today I'm here to demo one of the many uses of our In Scene Inspector. For those that don't know, In Scene Inspector is a generic Unity development tool that gives you all the main features of the built-in Unity Inspector. 

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Building a Stretchy IK Chain in Maya

Hello persons! I'm Wesley Wilson, 3D artist with Tiny Phoenix and I'm here to tell you all about building a stretchy Ik chain in Maya. Let's dive in and get started building the arm rig!

Start by making a 3 chain joint chain and naming the chain as shoulder_jnt, elbow_jnt, and wrist_jnt. It is important that you introduce a bit of a bend in the elbow in order for predictable IK behavior.

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New Physics, Graphics, and a Demo

We've been pumping hours into just about every aspect of Rocket Balls other than the derpy gun and name. Since it's introduction we've updated visuals twice and made UGE improvements to the behavior, UUUUUGE! Let's start with visuals, shall we?

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Run Frank Run: Visuals Updated!

The beardiest back for an update on the one and only Frank from Earth! Frank is still a humble little pug in a small project at a tiny company. The last few weeks we've been working to polish our doggy friend. Most recently, we've been experimenting with the overall look of the game.

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Frank from Earth: First Glimpse

Frank from Earth is our studios first game title. It's a isometric twin-stick shooter SLASH hack and slash. Our focus is on PC for playing with your friends in an infinite adventure mode. However we're creating a story mode that you can make progress on and unlock new goodies from your phone. This mode will not be exclusive to mobile.

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Ludum Dare Submission: Rocket Balls

For the first time, I’ve participated in a game jam and I can say with certainty that it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. It got me more excited about gaming and pushed me to a point of motivation that I’ve missed for so long!

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Find Your Joy

Joysticks are an integral key to interfacing with so many games. They've been around since the beginning and don't look to be leaving us any time soon. However, they are certainly not the best tool for all situations. A first person shooter is the most obvious example of a genre with a control scheme that just works better on keyboard and mouse. 

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Walking you Through it

Hi everyone! Today, I decided to do something a little different and make a video. There's really only so much you can convey with gifs, and text can sometimes get tedious. I've been working on the In-Scene Inspector for a while now and I think it's ready for a show off video. So without further delay...

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Creating Unity in Unity

On of the features I absolutely love about Unity is the hierarchy and inspector. Recently, I wanted to be able to tweak settings in my game while on the go. Games are hard to get right and it takes tons of tweaking to get balance and settings just right. Also, I didn't want to have to create a custom interface for every single setting I wanted to change. Really, what I wanted was an In-Scene Unity Inspector. I looked everywhere to see if I could find one but I could not. So I did what most programmers wanting to save time would do: I spent a bunch of time creating one.

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Rapid Prototype with Sprite CIty

This week I decided that it was time to create a video. Before this video, my only editing experience was in Windows Movie Maker. So, I decided to download Adobe Primere Pro and see how it felt. Suprisingly enough it was really intuitive and throughout the whole process I only had to look up one or two things. Here is the video demo we created a demo displaying how easy it is to hammer out a top down shooter with Sprite City.