Developer Tools

Better prefabs for your everyday Unity prefab nester.

Joy tester is a Unity package tester for on-screen joystick assets. With this you can avoid the hassle of buying and downloading assets that you've not yet tried. Joy Tester also enables an extremely quick comparison between the top joy assets. See cost, rating, and descriptions all side by side, then try a demo before making any commitments!

In Scene Inspector is a tool that allows developers to inspect and edit component properties at run time through a dynamically generated interface. In addition to this functionality with being useful for editing objects on the go, it is useful for generating settings pages and tuning parameters on any platform without the hassle of hooking up a debugger or rebuilding.

Sprite City is the "Hello world!" of computer gaming. It's a template to be implemented in each of the major gaming platforms to make learning platforms easy. The idea of Sprite City is to create a template with common game “sprite” patterns implemented as intuitively as possible. The purpose is to promote self driven exploration.