Frank from Earth

Alpha 3.0 Download



After being launched into space, this dog-gone game takes our hero, Frank, on a perilous journey. Collect the bones and cat tags of fallen foes, unlock sick hats, and collect enough cosmic shards for the trip home.

  • Co-op Multiplayer
  • Controller Support
  • Procedurally Generated


Jose hernandez's picture

I was wondering if it was out already or if we have to wait a few days until we can play because I haven't gotten an email with the beta

el_bearduno's picture

It is not out yet but we are shooting to release Alpha around the end of this month! As soon as we do so we'll send out a notification to everyone on the mailing list!

Aubyn Sharp's picture

When the alpha is released how will those that signed up receive it. Will the user be able to let the creators know what they thought, if so how?

Zilldude's picture

We will be releasing the alpha on our website. We will send out the newsletter notifying people and providing a link to the download of the alpha when it is released. As for Community feedback, we are still going over how we will be receiving it, but rest assured we will have many avenues and channels for you to provide us with your feedback and ideas.

I hope I answered your questions! If you have any further questions feel free to leave them here or email me at! :)

Kristi's picture

Is this available yet???

el_bearduno's picture

Hi Kristi! The Alpha version for PC is really close. I just finished a new build yesterday that I think we can release. We're going to let the team test it and barring anything out of the blue we're shooting to send it out Friday, August 18th, fingers crossed! We'll send it out via our mailing list as soon as it's ready.

Dominic's picture

I played this at minefaire and at home with my friends #Frankfromearth.

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